Engineering Technician

Sorry, this job has expired.

Kansas City, MO

Job status
Full time
$16.64 – $26.86 Hourly
Job description

Utilizes a computer aided

drafting and design system to create,

modify, delete, transfer, copy, store and plot

graphic and data files in the preparation of

drawings and other related engineering data.

Prepares street plans, profiles, and cross

sections for the grading, paving and curbing

of municipal streets. Draws appropriate

drainage structures and calculates and

locates these structures. Prepares

calculations of quantities and cost estimates.

Prepares renderings of preliminary

construction plans As-built plans, details,

and final plans for modifications of existing

building structures. Creates standards for

street improvements, reinforcing

specifications for concrete construction and

pavement, plans and profiles for street

improvements, striping plans, street

widening and median removal plans, general

layout and drainage plans and similar tasks.

Reduces field notes, and plots preliminary

drawings, including property lines and

existing utilities after engineers lay out

proposed projects on preliminary drawings.

Completes details such as special manholes,

fire hydrants, water main locations, type and

size, water service details and sanitary

service connections on finished plans.

Assists in the keeping of field notes

indicating lines, angles, distances, traverses,

benchmarks, monuments and stakes as well

as “as built” details of size, location and

elevations of public works facilities; makes

sketches, prior to additional survey work or

as a guide to drafters and engineering

designers. Creates and maintains water

distribution maps of metropolitan area.

Makes detailed drawings of manhole covers,

frames and catch basins. Details street

intersections, showing location of valves,

fire hydrants, water mains and their sizes;

building locations and other surface features.

Inspects work of water, wastewater, storm

water, bridge, street and boulevard

construction contractors for conformance

with specifications as to quality, material

and workmanship, and for compliance with

ordinances and regulations as directed.

Checks for quality, material and

workmanship involving the laying of airport

runways, aprons and related appurtenances,

public buildings, and facilities. Inspects and

checks foundations, structures, electrical,

plumbing and related mechanical systems.

Investigates and prepares special reports as

required. Inspects, measures and condemns

sidewalks, driveways and curbs; explaining

why repair or replacement is necessary.

Performs related duties as required.

Education requirements
REQUIRES high school graduation. Must
possess a valid state-issued drivers license in
accordance with the City of KCMO policies.
Must pass a pre-employment drug screen
and post-offer physical examination as
prescribed by the City. Preference given to
those with lab experience.
Work hours
7:00 am to 3:30 pm
Monday - Friday