Senior Administrative Assistant

Sorry, this job has expired.

Kansas City, MO

Job status
Full time
$19.34 – $33.84 Hourly
Job description

The City of Kansas City, Missouri is now hiring a Senior Administrative Assistant.

Key responsibilities

• Create, innovate, and operate a new program around customer service for housing resources that includes tenant rights, tenant rental/utility assistance, fair housing, and affordable housing options.

• Provide customer service to residents.

• Create/operate a rental housing hotline and a rental housing center to provide education/outreach to the tenants and the community.

• Prepare reports.

• Provide presentations for meetings.

• Assist in organization proposals, programming details, public notices, taking notes at meetings, and report to supervisor.

• Provide information/data on numerous special projects and presentations.

• Demonstrate strong skills in the areas of customer service, verbal/written communication, strong telephone skills, interpersonal relationships, and information technology.

• Perform presentations to management, the public, and City Council.

Education requirements

• Accredited bachelor's degree in Public, Business Administration, Liberal Arts, or related fields

Experience requirements

• 3 years of progressively professional experience in governmental administration or in a private sector administration at the level of the city's Administrative Assistant OR

• An equivalent combination of qualifying education and experience

• Preference given for experience in Case Management, with Property Residence, Rental and Utility Assistance, and Public Speaking.

Work hours

• 8am-5pm. You may work weekends.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.